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My Programs

This program combines defining long-term objectives, providing direction, and influencing people to achieve them. The coaching program is designed to raise and serve high-impact leaders who shape the world.The program covers various aspects of leadership, business, sales, and revenue, and aims to shift people’s mindsets so they can see possibilities and become those possibilities. Whether you’re an establioshed business owner, ceo, manager or raising leader in your organisation this program is for you. Find out more now.

1000+ Church Growth Program, which is a coaching program designed for pastors and ministry leaders. The program includes monthly group coaching calls with Dr. Sam Adeyemi , an in-depth six-module course with a workbook, live Q&A calls, access to previous coaching sessions, free access to the next live Ministry Growth Conference, and one-year access to a private community and course with lifetime access to coaching sessions. These sessions are practical, life changing and Dr. Sam will not hold back in this sessions as he understands the struggle of growing in a ministry with over 20 years of experience in this area.

The program aims to help pastors and ministry leaders overcome the six barriers to growth in their ministries.